We’re back!

6 Mar


Long time no see 😦  Sorry ’bout that! Just waiting for the right moment to get back into the Hungaroblogging. I’m still in Szeged, living the other-other dream, but I’ve had some really cool travels in the last year and a half. This post is just a quick preview of that fun.

Most recently I was in Dubai. Actually I’ve been there 3 times in the past 13 months. My favorite part about that place is the undying sunshine (seriously, never seen anything so bright, even as a Floridian) and the fact that I get to see my best friend everrrr each time I go there 😉 Here’s a Dubai birdy:

Another recent highlight is learning about Kendo, a sport that I previously had no knowledge of. Recently the Tisza Cup was in Szeged and my Budapesti friend Tamás was getting his battle on:IMG_0145.JPG

We also had a few nice days this winter in Szeged. Anna baths on display here:IMG_0110.JPG

But most of the days were cold and a bit gray, so I spent most of my hours cuddled up under my Christmas gift, a fine cat-covered blanket, featuring this angry character:

I also had a really brilliant time in Budapest recently, was just there to visit some friends and get some work done. I took a picture of some teeth, you know, for the memories…IMG_0085.JPG

More Budapest: Buda Vigado (I’d never actually noticed this before, which is odd because it’s huge and right near some of my favorite walking spots in Buda)


In case you need to know, I was also in Florida in September of last year.  I’m going back again soon and I am seriously excited about it!! Home, Sweet Alligators.IMG_6044.jpg

Also, my ‘rents took me to St. Augustine, which is always a pleasure. If you’ve never heard of it, just do me this favor and Google it. It’s the oldest city we’ve got and it’s really cute and this photograph is really terrible:IMG_6093.jpg

Some more Uniquely Floridian sights: Beach Bird tooshy:IMG_6184.JPG

I was also in Frankfurt for work. My fave part about this was the extreme amount of awesome teddy bears that can be found in the old town. Case in point:IMG_6432.jpg

+there was actually a teddy bear store. I can’t read German but I think it’s this place. Pretty sure my colleagues were probably ready to kill me, but I was in some really high state of delight while examining the micro teddy bears. Here’s my personal favorite, sitting on his fancy couch:

I also went back to Serbia, to Abu Dhabi, to London, and OHMYGOD THERE WAS MOSCOW:::::::: 


At the bottom of Moscow City… with my love! She got married that week! ❤


At the top of Moscow City… really trying to be cute!


Bring me my tea. (Alice in Wonderland exhibition)


Mercedes, KGB headquarters, etc.


Our great friends took us to up to the top of one of the buildings in Moscow City!


I spent at least 2 hours contemplating how to get accepted to this Uni. Failed.


Don’t feed the dinosaurs!


Moscow without photo sessions is not Moscow


Going to church (Church of Christ the Savior)


Look at that cheesy smile. This picture could literally be anywhere but NOPE it’s in the greatest city on EARTH! Москваааааа, люблю тебяяяяяя

Wow, this post just turned into a Moscow city tour. Back to business!

I also spent an amazing month in Santiago, Chile earlier in 2015. That was a pretty lucky thing which I should write a separate post about. Also, expect a post about Lillafüred in the near future. A brilliant little place in Magyarország!

I also did some other stuff besides traveling… believe it or not I had a lot of time to knit and learn some words in other languages:


We had a good knitting group going in the winter


I tried to learn Serbian because I like Belgrade and Novi Sad. Sadly, I have since forgotten everything. The year is still young 😉

I didn’t think about it in such detail until now, what a jam-packed year of travel 2015 was! Not to mention 2016 has started off strong! I have some other travel posts for you coming up soon and I hope to get back “Up North” to Budapest again soon to continue what I came here to do: explore! 🙂  It’s great to be back.

We’ve moved.

12 Dec
Lego Store near my apartment. Explains why I'm perfectly happy here.

Lego store near my apartment. Explains why I’m perfectly happy here.

Well, I can’t really call this “Adventures in Budapest” anymore because we’ve moved south! By “we” I mean “I” but in any case, we’ve moved to Szeged. And let me tell you, it ain’t sunny! The entire country it seems has been in a state of constant cloud cover for the last month.


fog is gross

But to celebrate my 1-month anniversary here, let me share with you the strange things I have seen in my brief time here. The weather has been SO despicable, that I have not been interested in spending any more time outdoors than is absolutely necessary, so the only photographs I have were taken with my phone, without pausing to actually take the picture. Blurry photographs are in style again anyway, no?


Lost bird named Robika. 😦 Haven’t seen a sign for a lost bird in the last 27 years or so. Hope they found him.


My wheels so fly I don’t even wanna talk about it. СУПЕРСКАЯ ШЕСТЕРКА В ВЕНГРИИ иии иИИИ!!!!


This bridge is ridiculous, but it looks cute at night. Dom Ter church on the right.


Also, my job is pretty cool. I get to play with dinosaurs and such. 


National Theater

The fanciful Christmas decorations of Felsovaros

The fanciful Christmas decorations of Felsovaros :DD I do love it, not making fun.


Teeth + word jokes. Pretty much summarizes my entire past 2.5 years in Hungary.

Eww, is that bear in my coffee?

Eww, is that bear in my coffee?

But if you want to know the real truth on why I’ve moved down here, it’s to be closer to Serbia and its endless supply of feta-related cheese. I just found out that the word “feta” is actually an EU-protected word.

Balkan cheese Feta

There is more white cheese in this Novi Sad grocery store than all the other products they sell combined 😀

Sorry this is turning into a full-on, low-quality photo blog, but that’s because my life isn’t interesting enough to write about anymore. I’ll try to take some serious photos of the Christmas shenanigans downtown, because it’s actually really pretty. Merry!
Szee you in Szeged!

SerbiaСрбијаSzerbiaСербия (including music!)

14 Oct
Wanna hear a cool story? I heard some classmates speaking Serbian once in Prague… I thought it sounded great. The end.


Do not dry your hair at high speeds!

Now that I’ve undoubtedly fascinated you with that, I’ll get to the point. The story of me hearing a language and liking it is (fortunately or unfortunately) relatively common. It often means I either visit a place or move to it so I can hear more. Hearing Serbian was about the extent of my knowledge of Serbia (besides media information throughout the years, which only existed when there was a war or conflict going on).

Interesting tree life in Novi Sad.

Sad, but true! Nevertheless, the Balkans have long been on my list-of-places-to-go, so I was thrilled to have an excuse to go to Novi Sad for a conference… the traveling part was just a plus. However, I couldn’t stand being in such a lovely city and sitting in a plastic chair all day in some ugly white room listening to people that speak 80 languages (although I did meet a lot of interesting people and learn some stuff, I’m not interested in speaking 80 languages. 79 shall suffice.) So I ended up spending the majority of 3 days in Novi Sad walking around, consuming more caffeine than usual and talking to people about their lives in the country.

There is nothing I can write today that will do either Novi Sad nor Belgrade any justice, so you’ll have to go visit yourself. But to tide you over, here are some notes.
Novi Sad is a smaller city. It’s particularly bike-friendly city with bike lanes on all of the wide boulevards and most of the main streets. Loads of socialist architecture ❤ Some of it in good shape, some in less-good shape. There are 5 or 6 official languages in N.S., so most of the official government buildings have a ton of plaques on the outside that say what the building is used for in each of those.


My favorite building in Novi Sad. Sweet Újvidéki épület, mi? It just screams “MINISTRY!”

This town is BUSTLING! There are several streets that are just covered in cafes, restaurants, bookshops, and other small stores. I think everyone somehow has time for coffee…always! So the streets are totally full most of the time.


Random folk dancing and music at the park in Novi Sad. Sorry for the bad photo, but I’m preserving the memory 🙂


Novi Sad! So many people!

There was also a marathon on one of the days, which probably brought even more visitors. Novi Sad has popcorn stands everywhere, which I found both random and adorable. The churches are beautiful and there are quite a few of them. Orthodox priests can be seen walking around in long, black robes. I did not take a picture of them, because that seems intrusive, but I thought it was cool, so I found the following photo online: http://www.kosovo.net/images/pat_decani1v.jpg See what I mean?

My time in Novi Sad was coming to an end and I had to decide how to use my free day. My original intention was to to go Subotica, a border town close to Hungary. All the Hungarians said “go there!” It’s supposed to be beautiful. Howevahhh, I found out Belgrade was really close and it’s a big city and the capital so I decided that the locals were going to decide for me. I asked for some opinions. 100% of Serbians poled agreed that if I could only go to one of the two places, and I wanted to see Serbian life, Belgrade was the answer.


The answer!!

For once in my life, I’m glad I listened to someone. (Kidding, Ma!)


Round building! And Mosque! (Belgrade!!)

Belgrade blew me away. Seriously. We took a bus there and my first impression was “gray and industrial.” But I was thinking… bus routes and stations are always in the ugliest areas. As I walked around, I found out that generally things didn’t get much more colorful. 🙂

My advice? Don’t go to Belgrade if you are feeling remotely depressed in life.


Depressed yet? 😦 hope not!


Somewhere else in Belgrade 🙂

But don’t you dare miss out altogether! The sunshine, prevalence of outdoor seating at every restaurant and cafe, innumerable flower pots and the sheer amount of people put this city on my list of favorites. The tall buildings in the city center (some of them were over 10 stories!) were really interesting – everything seemed really grand, with big columns, long and sprawling uniform architecture. Many of the buildings were rounded, which seemed unique and pretty.
Unfortunately after my day in Belgrade, it was time to prepare myself for yet another evening on a Serbian train in a sleeping compartment. I went back to Novi Sad to catch my train, I was tired of carrying my bags and walking in the silly shoes which I am about to throw out, so I spent a few hours in the train station, instead of walking around.

The train station has seen better days, I guess, but it is architecturally fascinating as well.


Novi Sad train station – Újvidéki pályaudvar

I was beginning to die of boredom, but thankfully the owner of the bar-thing in the lobby was blasting Serbian folk music at an eardrum-bursting volume and singing even louder. [ Please see: Zoran Jovanović  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwKhaF0EI2c ]


thine shining bar from whence thou shiny music came!


“So call me, maybe.” A picture of nothing.

All I wanted to do was dance! But I tried to be courteous to the other people around so I played with my camera in silence, taking pictures of nothing.


Nothingness: in photographs.

That concludes my journey, more or less. Unfortunately the economy in Serbia is pretty terrible, so it’s not a place that would be easy to live and work in (if anyone out there is considering such an idea), but I did hear of some people that are managing and really enjoy the life there. It’s probably a really sweet destination for the slew of “internet workers.” For me however, one thing is clear: I will undoubtedly be back in Serbia! And I hope it will be soon!

Novi Sad on the Danube


Novi Sad ballet school and a bunch of kids on a field trip, I suppose  


Belgrade again. Park, river. Fightin’ ships in the background – preparing for the “National World War II Victims Remembrance Day” at the end of October, I believe.

Technical Details:
  • The Serbian language has 2 alphabets. Twice as nice 😉


    izlaz (here in cyrillic and latin) = exit

  • A lot of people in the Vojvodina region (which includes Subotica and Novi Sad) speak Hungarian. Or if you happen to speak another Slav language, you can probably get along with a few extra people or try to solve some tasks, like buying tickets, for example. Most of the young’ns speak English – the usual.
  • There is graffiti everywhere. Just know it. This is not for the cleanliness-centric nor faint of heart.

GRAFFITI. It was weirder to see an untagged building in the center of Belgrade than to see something like this.

  • I noticed that a lot of men communicate by yelling and a lot of arm movement, so I can’t really call this a reserved culture, but everyone I met was extrEMEly inviting and friendly.
  • Vegetarians, plz close your eyes. The food in Serbia was really delish. Meat, veggies, pita-ish bread abound, all really tasty.

    case in point.

    That’s it!  Time to go back yet? 🙂


2 Sep

Szmile!! We’re going to Szeged. On the southern border of Hungary, right next to Serbia and Romania, Szeged is called the City of Sunshine, because “as they say,” Szeged gets the highest recorded number of sunny days. So, unless you’re a vampire, why wouldn’t you visit?

It’s a small city, home to probably around 200,000 people and among the residents are a whole tone of university students. They city is also located on the Tisza river, so it really has that beachy feeling. There were a few moments where I had that Florida feeling.

The first time I found myself in Szeged was probably over 3 years ago, before I moved to Hungary just because that city happened to have a place in the only guidebook I own, a guidebook creatively entitled “Eastern Europe.” I was in the mood to see what goes on outside of Budapest, so I dragged along another turista I had previously met in Budapest (Szia Matteo!!) and we went for the day to Szeged. I will never forget the conversation he had with his Italian phone company on the train ride there, in which the lady who he was speaking to was not sure where Hungary was. See? The geographically-challenged exist in all areas of the world! 😉

In any case, we went and it was definitely sunny and I was charmed by the musical clock on the large square in the center of the city, but there wasn’t a lot of useful info in my lackluster guidebook, so we walked around, but we didn’t even bother staying the whole day.

Charming musical clock in Szeged

Charming musical clock in Szeged, still charming in 2014

One year after moving to Hungary, I was invited by a friend with great taste in heavy metal (yeah, you, Csabi :p ) to go to a music festival in Szeged, SZIN (http://www.szin.org  If you ever have the chance, please go there before it gets as touristy as the rest of the music festivals in Hungary.)

The third time I found myself there for a job interview for a job which I was too “chickened” to accept later. In any case, the city was still charming and so I decided to go study Hungarian (what else do I do? nothing.) for two weeks at the University of Szeged. I finally got around to a full and legitimate tour of the city on my last day there, of course. Here is what I saw and what I recommend you go see for yourself.


Szeged Greek Catholic Church – Görögkatolikus Templom


Szeged Synagogue – Szegedi zsinagóga


How clean is this? Hihetetlenül tiszta város!


Dugonics Square – Dugonics tér


Dugonics tér, University of Szeged


Water Tower- Szegedi víztorony


Am I in paradise?


Anna Spa/Bath/Whateverit’scalledinEnglish – Anna Fürdő


Just a regular ol’ building in the city center. They’re not ALL this pretty tho 😉


So. *******. Clean.


This man, Bálint Sándor, is “the most Szegedi Szegedi,” just in case you were wondering 🙂


Construction Fashion


A régi híd. The old bridge. A beaut, indeed. By the way the river side is not as clean as the rest of the city, unfortunately. Still a “hangulatos” place to be 😉

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 3.30.01 PM

The all-at-once famous, infamous and fashionable Szegedi Slippers 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 3.30.20 PM

Because when you are traveling alone, this is the only way to prove you were at the construction site… in Szeged, obv.

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 3.29.55 PM

The view from my classroom – Dom téri templom. The inside of the church you see is stunning. I didn’t take a picture though, so you’ll have to go see it for yourself.

In brief, Szeged is the cleanest, sunniest city I’ve ever seen with possibly the most unimpressive bridge in Hungary, which by the way I am not dissing because I really like that bridge.

If you ever find yourself packing a bag to go to Szeged, pack a bathing suit, a friend or three, and some coffee money, because this is the type of city where you should just get high on caffeine and enjoy the summer sun. Oh, and definitely take a tour via the little tourist train! Kisvonats RULE!

I already can’t wait for my 5th trip to Szeged 🙂

A collection of minor failures in adulthood

2 May

I bought an apartment.  Hoorah!  But do not let that fool you or make you think that I am in any way a changed and/or more mature human being, because I’m definitely not. Let me prove it for you.

This morning I woke up in such a beautiful and festive mood.  Mostly because this is the view I wake up to.


Many people may think that looks terrible, but the fact is that I really love this district and this street and I actually think the bricks and the lines of this roof look really cool…especially right when I wake up and the sun is shining and the sky is ultra blue!

I should disclose a few other things about how I wake up. One: I’ve been sleeping in the living room Two: on a mat on the floor Three: for which I can’t be bothered to buy properly sized bedding Four: and I have ZERO interest in changing any of that. Because I like it down there.

Want to see this state of dormitory horrors? Here it is, may your eyes be strong:


Yep, that is how I live and how I will probably continue to live until my mother stops speaking to me (unlikely) or unless I get married to someone who is more responsible than I (infinitely less likely).

But back to the fun stuff: the morning mood.  I carried my festive mood right into the kitchen. That’s right! It was high time to use my stove for the first time since moving in.  The only problem is, I had no silverware, pots, or even normal pans.  But I did have my mini-pan which can hold (and cook!) approximately 2 medium-sized eggs.


First, check out the view from my kitchen window.  Even gnarlier! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤ I’m convinced that when they renovate the building it will look far more boring.

And please, while you’re near the window, take a long, deep peer into my fridge.

Champagne and eggs. Nothing else. And don’t ask my why I bought a fridge that large, either, because I’m fairly certain that there will not ever be much more in there than champagne and eggs in that refrigerator…EVER.

Oh wait, I forgot that I had already taken out a carton of kefir and butter. But you have to admit that’s still a really large fridge for said items.

Are you getting hungry yet?  I am. Let’s cook. I have eggs, 2 peppers that the shop néni convinced me weren’t spicy and were the best type of csemege paprika in Hungary!! Go saleslady, go! 2 eggs is my maximum, more would not fit in that tiny-@$$ pan. The kefir was there just for show. Also in picture is my espresso spoon – the only utensil I had at the time. Didn’t even have a knife to cut the pepper, so I had to rip it to shreds.


Let’s fire up the age-old stove.  Hey! This thing works like fiyaaa!IMG_0292Simplest breakfast ever. Top-secret-recipe-ratio of peppers and eggs. Don’t ask me for this recipe, I’ll go to the grave with this one.

But it’s not as simple as it looks when you’re dealing with a pan that’s the size of your fist. Not enough room for both the pepper and the eggs at the same time! We had to sacrifice.

Thank goodness Agi lent me these lil plates, otherwise i would’ve had to eat straight from the pan 😉 

Eggs are ready, let’s make some coffee for kicks. Not that a person like me would need any extra energy at this hour. Just ask my colleagues. There are certain hours when nobody likes me. 😀

Check out my kotyogós 😉 😉 It’s time for the percolator -it’s time for the percolator!IMG_0301It’s time for the percolator bupbuppbupbupp

::::::SO EFFECTIVE::::::

Back to sitting on the edge of my “bed,” this time with my teeth-blackener. Yum.

Huh? Wait a moment… what is that I see to my right?

It’s Béla!

So now you’ve had the grand tour of my new digs and also seen how I live. It will get better once I buy dishes and fitted sheets. But none of that stuff really matters anyway – I truly could not be happier about living in BP 🙂

It’s winter. Let’s get depressed!

11 Jan

The more I read  about the entire USA being buried under a mile of snow, the more I realize how mild this winter has been in Hungary… well, in Budapest at least. I did go to Győr recently. It was BEASTLY cold and windy.

Győr. Beautiful and frigid, like any good woman should be.

Győr. Beautiful and frigid, like a good woman should be.

Budapest has not had any snow worth speaking of and it’s mid-January. I have a feeling it will start freezing in June. Anyway, I’m not complaining… I would much rather not-freeze than freeze any day.

I’ve been wearing shorts around my apartment every day just to commemorate summers that once were and summers that will be! I’m ready for 85 F temperatures again 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂   (You can’t take Florida out of the girl!)

To further commemorate warmer weathah, I will show you what I do when I’m bored and the weather is nice, although none of this will surprise anyone who reads this blog. I hope on some form of public transportation and I go to a place I haven’t heard of. Like Csillebérc.

Backtrack wit’ me:

Actually, on that particular Sunday I was hoping to go someplace new, so I went to a train station that I don’t know much about …


Such beauty.     (This picture was stolen borrowed from vasutimenetrend.hu)

First I asked the info lady if there were any interesting cities to visit. She unenthusiastically responded that the Buda castle was right outside and that I should go there. This seemed like an unacceptable answer, so I did what any sneaky teenager would do and I decided to keep people until I got an answer that I actually wanted to hear!

This time I took a different approach. I asked the nearest ticket néni if Pusztaszabolcs was worth visiting. Obviously it is not worth visiting. “Az nagyon gáz” and “why don’t you just walk around in Budapest” was her response.

I was not thrilled, because staying-in-Budapest-for-the-day is not quite the same as leaving-Budapest-for-the-day, but luckily  ticketnéni was nicer than infonéni  and decided to give me some suggestions. “Why don’t you the bus to Csillebérc?” Csillebérc seemed difficult enough to pronounce and thus in my mind made a perfect destination.

while waiting for the bus, i contemplated retirement and bathing in a tub of coins with this man

while waiting for the bus, i contemplated retiring and bathing in a tub of coins with this man

A bright new bus took me on a familiar route, past Normafa, which is a place I’ve already been to once or twice.




I refused to get off the bus in a familiar place and I stayed on until the end of the route in an effort to see something new. As a result, I ended up in some no-man’s-land next to some sort of science research center?!?!? KFKI Telephely? Eet vas kreepy! But it was new (!) so I was happy.  🙂

I spent the following hour and a half taking pictures of nothing  and slowly walking back towards Normafa.
It was so relaxing!

DSCN4354 DSCN4358 DSCN4359 DSCN4363 DSCN4364 DSCN4360 FSCN4374 DSCN4378 DSCN4382 FSCN4387 DSCN4388 DSCN4389 DSCN4394 DSCN4397 DSCN4398 DSCN4401 FSCN4404 DSCN4405 DSCN4410 DSCN4414 DSCN4419 DSCN4422 DSCN4425


So there you have it, when I’m bored, I take pictures of rusty barbed wire! Then several months later I finally write about it.  I’m sure my family will be glad to know I’m using my time so wisely. (Hi, family! Miss you!)

I’ve decided to walk around different districts in Budapest, find stuff I like, then make posts about it. I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, but I imagine it won’t actually happen until the weather gets a degree or ten warmer. Ok, that’s all for now!

Jó hétvégét!

With a name like Veresegyház…

5 Oct

I’ve been happily avoiding technology outside of office hours for the last few months. Thus there have been no recent posts.

But don’t fret! I’ve still been having fun.

In fact, I’m so happy to be back in Hungary that I’m pretty terrified to exit the borders again, in case a pissy border guard (border guards don’t exist in the EU, not sure what I’m worried about here) decides I’m unworthy of return. So my most recent vacation was a staycation!

I took a week off of work to try to practice speaking Hungarian. My best idea for doing this was to go to a place where there was NOONE I knew and that I knew NOTHING about.


(And give up my native language while I was there.)

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 

Now why would I do such a silly thing? A lot of people have called me “crazy” recently. I  don’t disagree.

So why are you still reading this? Because I’ve prepared a little picture story for you about a town called Veresegyház. I’ve cleverly entitled it “A Town Called Veresegyház.” So here it goes:

A Town Called Veresegyház

Once, back in the summer of 2013, I took a train to a city called Vác. Fortunately I took the wrong train (which took more than an hour longer than the express train would’ve taken). On this train, we passed the Veresegyház train station. I saw it and I absolutely fell in love at first sight. This is what I saw:


I see that you aren’t impressed.

I don’t care.

This train station and I are in love.

Back to the story. SO two or three months after first seeing this place, I decided to visit the town and see if there was anything else going on besides the cool vasútállomás. And there certainly was!

It took 50 minutes to get from Nyugati station (Budapest) to Veresegyház. (17 km distance. I don’t want to talk about it.) I went with a small bag and zero plans. My first task was to find a place to sleep. I walked around for a couple of hours trying to do that. Within the first 30 minutes, I was already being followed by some innocently scary-looking young guy. (I am not being paranoid- he literally followed me in a huge circle, which I walked in because I wanted to see if he was in fact following me). I resolved this by going into a restaurant and ordering a coffee and sitting calmly until he went away.

After that I  asked a few random people for advice on where to stay. No one had any ideas.

Eventually I came across a bath full of people in their sixties and seventies. (It was a beautiful Sunday… these Hungarian people make brilliant use of their time!) After walking around for about an hour, circling a couple of small lakes in  town, I ended up back at that bath asking how much it cost to spend the night there. The lodging was quite excellent (and warm!) by my humble standards. And the people that worked on the property were all so interesting, friendly and talkative!

I like to imagine that when they were talking to me they were all thinking the same thing. “Milyen furcsa ez a külföldi lány.”

Anyway, here is where I stayed for the next three nights:


And here is the first friend that I made while staying there:


But this town is full of wildlife! While I was in “Veres” I also saw a few of these:


Two of these:


And this (Football Pony):



The place is full of nice people, too. Attila was the first person I really connected with “Veresen.” He is the owner of Gosser söröző in the town center. Go visit him,  he’s cool.

What else can I show you. How about some random things that interested me and probably won’t interest you?





There are some pretty neat architectural finds around these parts. Like the Mézesvölgyi Általános Iskola. (I couldn’t find a single photo that did this school ANY justice – not my photo and nothing online either. Just go see it in person.)

Landmarks? There are famous statues. And some really wild well-lit and/or singing fountains, including this one:


That fountain is located in the city center, which looks like this: (NOT my photo)


Attractions? Nearby (but not actually nearby if you are not a fan of walking like I am) is also a Bear Farm / Medve Otthon, where you can meet bears and wolves and ostriches and other fine beasts. Not far away (I heard) there is a botanical garden, too. I may go back to see that one day.

What else? There are some small and cute lakes:


All in all, I really liked the place. One woman recommended that I return during the Christmas season, because everyone is out on the town square, enjoying themselves and their families. I’ll probably be there enjoying myself and other people’s families, too.

If you’re considering a trip to Veresegyház, I’m guessing you wouldn’t have the same weirdly fun experience that I did, so maybe I’m not actually recommending that you go…

But if you DO go and if you’re in the mood for adventure, go talk to the gentlemen working at the train station.

But whatever you do though, don’t tell them “Szeretem a vonatot!”

Otherwise you’ll find yourself learning more about MÁV than you ever needed to know.

(Watch out, it’s about to get really sentimental in here…)


You’ll also find out, sadly, that the neon sign which welcomes passengers to the train station hasn’t worked for years,
but that it was really beautiful when it did.